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The incredible partnership that can be achieved when family support at home is synchronized with teacher support in the classroom will only benefit the students of Douglas County. When school aged children spend countless hours in the classroom, there must be clear communication about exactly what is being taught. Transparency of curriculum is a key piece to building trust.

With the introduction of Social Emotional Learning, there has been a shift away from measurable success to vague indications of growth depending on circumstance. If the expectations are clearly established between teachers and parents, and goals are outlined and aligned, the ultimate success of each child will be much more likely. In other words, please let us know exactly what you’re working on in class, and we can help work on it at home. Teamwork makes this dream work!

Family at Home
Who We Are

Academic Excellence Over Activism and Indoctrination in the Classroom

Academic Excellence

We stand for restoring academic excellence in Douglas County through a focus on academics over activism in classrooms.

Parental Involvement

We strive to strengthen our community through encouraging parental involvement in their children’s education.

Conservative Values

We will defend parental rights in education by supporting conservative leadership and protecting the values that make our community such an incredible place to live.

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