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Our Mission

Protect and preserve conservative values in Douglas County

The Organization

Radical activist groups at local, state and national levels have been targeting our children by weaving indoctrination into every subject starting with our youngest, most impressionable students. They have poured massive amounts of money into Colorado and Douglas County to “fundamentally change the system”. Our students and teachers deserve better! We want to preserve the system for teachers to be able to teach with confidence and prepare our kids to graduate with the academic foundation they need to be set up for success. The students of Douglas County deserve the opportunity to shine brightly and strive for greatness.

We are an ACTUAL grassroots organization that has established ourselves as a 501(c)4 nonprofit to defend the conservative values in Douglas County. We will defend our schools from outside interests seeking to impose their woke agenda, radical ideology, and inappropriate sexualization on our children. We are a passionate group of parents, grandparents, and citizens of Douglas County that value quality and distinction in our educational system. We are freely giving our time and resources to defend the liberty our children deserve! The common good and general welfare we promote are the values outlined in our United States constitution and we believe those principles are the necessary ideals for a successful community and education system.

As a 501(c)4, the DougCo Protective can accept financial donations that will enable us to protect our conservative leaders from frivolous lawsuits, defend democracy at a local level through our elections, and have our voices heard through other means than the liberal media deciding when to share our stories.

Please note:

  • Our donors are not reported to the IRS, so your privacy Is protected.
  • Donations are not tax deductible.

Who We Are

Academic Excellence Over Activism and Indoctrination in the Classroom

Academic Excellence

We stand for restoring academic excellence in Douglas County through a focus on academics over activism in classrooms.

Parental Involvement

We strive to strengthen our community through encouraging parental involvement in their children’s education.

Conservative Values

We will defend parental rights in education by supporting conservative leadership and protecting the values that make our community such an incredible place to live.

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