Robert Marshall DCSD Perjury Response

Robert Marshall DCSD Perjury Response

Supporters of the DCSD Board of Education are thrilled that there is finally a transcript and audio recording released of the meeting between Peterson, Williams and Wise. What the evidence shows is that Wise was given the chance to succeed as superintendent by the new board but he undermined the new board, held secret meetings behind their back and secretly recorded their meeting. This is not the person any board would want to execute the board’s vision.

Marshall is a public nuisance and has repeatedly abused the system with frivolous lawsuits that have achieved very little.

The transcript makes it 100% clear that no board decision was made, nor board action taken, on Wise prior to the February 4 meeting. Even if some members were clearly leaning toward taking action on Wise, including possible termination for cause given his insubordination, there was no board action.

Marshall’s allegation of perjury is utterly absurd, like most of his other musings. In the unlikely event that his allegations materialize into any concrete legal proceedings, we encourage the DCSD Board to vigorously defend its position.

Once again, Bob Marshall is putting his own political agenda and personal career goals in front of what’s good for DCSD, the taxpayers and, most importantly the students in the school district, of which Marshall has none.

Marshall is a public nuisance and has repeatedly abused the system with frivolous lawsuits that have achieved very little. He’s cost the district and the county hundreds of thousands of dollars and has accomplished next to nothing with this egregious litigation.

Marshall initiated the lawsuit against the Douglas County Board of Health which attempted to mask all the children in the school district. Are the kids masked in schools? No. Marshall tried to overturn the decision to fire Corey Wise. Is Corey Wise the Superintendent? No. Marshall sued all seven DCSD BOE members trying to get the Kids First directors removed. Are they gone? No, he simply got a restatement of existing Colorado Open Meeting Law.

Getting toothless rulings, or restatement of existing law from liberal judges, does not constitute victory! All it does is serve to keep the spotlight shone on Marshall the Candidate, during campaign season.

Ask yourself what benefit have the children and taxpayers of Douglas County garnered from Marshall’s legal maneuvering or his rantings and his ravings during public comment at DCSD meetings. Then ask yourself about the very real costs of what amounts only to shameless self-promotion.

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