Introducing DougCo Protective

Introducing DougCo Protective

The DougCo Protective announces the establishment of our 501(c)4 organization to protect and preserve conservative values in Douglas County.

Douglas County is a safe, healthy, successful community that is a shining example of conservative values.

Douglas County, CO - We are a group of highly engaged parents and citizens who fought to get the new conservative majority elected to the Douglas County School Board in November 2021. Almost immediately, and before the new directors were even sworn in, a targeted attack on our values began. Union operatives began trying to manufacture chaos in order to overturn the election results with a plan for an unsubstantiated recall. State and National level organizations have come into our community disguised as concerned parents to leverage frivolous legal tactics and media influence to create an appearance of turmoil in Douglas County. They have organized walk-outs to the detriment of children, with activist adults providing instructions for minor students to leave campus during the school day with media talking points in hand. They have set up panel discussions moderated by media teams that are represented by the same attorney that has brought numerous lawsuits to our school district.

We know who they are and what they want and we will not be fooled by false narratives designed to overturn the will of the voters in Douglas County.

Our children have been given a more consistent school environment that will remain open for in-person learning with the new board in place. Our children no longer need to worry about masking their faces at school. The mental health of our children is strengthening again because of the stability that we have seen immediately in the classroom. Our children should not be compromised by the outside influence of large politically minded organizations!

Douglas County is a safe, healthy, successful community that is a shining example of conservative values. Our citizens are engaged, and they voted decisively in record turnout for an overhaul of the failed liberal policies that have kept our public school children from in-person learning. We elected four balanced and conservative school board members that share the common goal of Douglas County being the premier destination school district for students, educators, and the community. As well as focusing on academic excellence as the priority in the classroom. We are here to defend them in their fight to provide the best education possible for all students in Douglas County.

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