Crossing the Line of Human Decency

Crossing the Line of Human Decency

No matter how nasty the battle for the school board or local government positions will get, the only thing that matters to extreme leftists is control. People are waking up to the absurdity of the attacks and are seeing the steps of the playbook crystal clear. The more personal it becomes, the more off-putting the political cage fight is to the normal people living their lives, going to work, and trying to raise their kids in peace.

The activists want you to forget the school board is working to increase teacher pay and improve academic achievement for the kids.

The latest accusation about the newly elected school board members of perjury, brought upon by the same complainant as all the other meaningless accusations, is the latest grotesque attack. It wasn’t enough to smear the conservative school board repeatedly in the news, it needed to be amped up to a criminal charge against a mom and a dad who have put themselves up to be on a school board. While they are elected officials, they are unpaid volunteers selflessly fighting for our kids to get the best education possible. They are not affiliated with big money teachers unions or the national agenda to force CRT and social justice on our children in the classroom. These are moms, dads, and grandparents who have volunteered countless hours, just to get our kids and teachers back to being able to focus on academics first.

The leftist machine has been activated to tear them down no matter what the cost. The more personal and costly for these education volunteers the better! The activists want you to forget the school board is working to increase teacher pay and improve academic achievement for the kids. Until the teachers union has full control, they will use any means necessary to attempt to prosecute conservative parents who volunteer for the school board, utilize media contacts to cause maximum damage to the reputation of the county, even stooping so low as to post pictures of KidsFirst supporters and their kids online to bash on public forums.

An atheist blog author for the DougCo Collective, claiming to be with Antifa, sent out a call to action to find out which church a Christian, conservative community member attended so he could have them classified as a hate group. This is an insane line that should not be crossed in case there was any question. But as we’ve seen in the past, burning down a city or tearing down a neighbor seems to be ok, as long as it’s a means to a progressive end.

Please talk to your friends and neighbors, a battle is being waged for the hearts and minds of the children of Douglas County. Stay engaged and stand up for what is right for your kids! They will be the future leaders of this country and we need to teach them to see through manufactured outrage and to love thy neighbor regardless of politics.

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